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Book your cat's stay!

Please confirm that your cat(s) fullfil all prerequisites below to be eligible for pet boarding according to the guidelines set by AVS. To make a booking fill out our reservation enquiry form - and tell us all about your kitties. The more we know, the better we can prepare for their stay and make sure they have an enjoyable stay with us!



To be eligible for pet boarding the following conditions need to be fulfilled:

  1. Cat is fit for boarding and shows no signs of communicable disease, internal or external parasites, extreme aggression/stress, or acute potentially life threatening illness. Shangri-Paw reserves the right to decline boarding should we find cat is unfit on check in day. This is for all cats safety including your own.

  2. Revolution has been applied 1-3 days prior to the stay (video evidence or written record from the vet) or owner brings/purchases a vial to be applied on intake.

  3. Cats above 6 months must be sterilized and proof must be provided. 

  4. Cat has been vaccinated with a 3-in-1 or 4-in1 vaccinate against Feline parvovirus/panleukopenia virus, (vii) Feline calicivirus, and (viii) Feline herpesvirus/rhinotracheitis virus at least 14 days prior to their stay (last dose of initial inoculation or yearly booster). This is a strict requirement by AVS. If your cat does not meet this requirement, a titer test or vet memo may be acceptable.

  5. Vaccination records, Vet’s Memo, FIV and FeLV blood test reports are required to be submitted as early as possible. If not available upon check-in, the cat will not be able to be boarded. 

  6. Any medications to be administered must come with veterinary instructions (labels or memo).

  7. The full boarding agreement will be sent to you via email and must be signed latest on check-in (digital signatures accepted/preferred). 

  8. If your cat is wearing a collar is must be a breakaway / quick release collar, otherwise we may request for it to be removed for the length of the stay for their own safety.

Packing List

Give your cat the comfort of familiarity

Cats are creatures of habit. Many cats are affected by changes, so by giving them familiar food, toys and bedding you can greatly support them in their adjustment period at a cat hotel or cat boarding facility.

Packing list

- Hard carrier for transport (reasonable size, please no large dog carrier)
- Tube of spot on treatment such as Revolution or Advocate (c
an also be purchased on arrival)

- Food covering their stay: Wet food, freeze dried food or dry food. Dry food or freeze dried food must be in airtight containers. Some food choices are available, but your cat likely prefers to stay on the food she’s used to!
- Litter (optional, if our tofu litter is possibly not accepted by your cat)

- Their favourite toy and their favourite brush

- A favourite blanket or bed 

- Some favourite treats 


Your cats’ documents

- Vaccination card / record (to be provided 21 days prior to stay)

- FIV/FELV test (to be provided 21 days prior to stay)

- Sterilization certificate (to be provided 21 days prior to stay)
- Owner’s ID card for identity verification
- medication instruction (if applicable)

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