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Common Inquiries

  • What are your opening times?
    While our staff is caring for cats between 9am and 6pm, visits or check-in/check-outs are only by appointment. Check-out: 9:30-12pm Check-in: 3-5pm or by special arrangement.
  • What if my cat gets sick during their stay?
    Hopefully, your cat will enjoy her stay at the cat hotel without any incidents. We do monitor our furry guests carefully throughout the day and will try to reach you should we observe any concerning behaviours (inappetence, less energy, vomiting). If not an immediate emergency, we will wait for your instructions on how to proceed. Should we find any symptom to fall into the emergency category (open wound, continued severe vomiting / diarrhea, lethargy, rapid or open mouth breathing, blood in urine/stool), we will try to reach you or your alternative contact and proceed to bring your cat to our closest available vet or hospital (your preferred vet if they are available). For less urgent cases we work with Dr. Paws and can arrange house calls to the cat hotel as well. Transport and vet fees are chargeable, but we will only approve necessary treatments to stabilise your cat until we have your consent and further instructions.
  • What is special about Shangri-Paw?
    Your cat is our top priority! We don't believe in small pods for cat boarding and focus on your furbaby's well-being by providing behaviourally appropriate accommodation. Our staff has animal care experience or training and will treat your cat with respect and patience. We are also able to administer medications to cater to chronically ill or older cats.
  • How do I know my cat is doing ok? Can I watch her online?
    For our 4 luxury suites we provide CCTV that will be accessible via login. For all others cats we will provide daily picture and video updates!
  • Why are there no scratch trees or soft houses?
    At Shangri-Paw we decided to provide comfort AND safety. Therefore, each surface needs to be wipeable, desinfectable or washable. Instead of scratch trees, we will provide your kitty with a cardboard scratchboard to take home at the end of the stay. We also have blankets and soft beds that can easily be washed in our washing machine. You are welcome to bring your own blanket, small scratch tree or soft house to make your kitty comfortable though! We also opted for glass doors - to have maximum visibility on your kitty's room but also to prevent the spread of any communicable diseases! A sneeze through a meshed door could otherwise quickly lead to cats becoming sick.
  • What are the differences in your room types?
    Our luxury suites are the 4 most spacious and special rooms with a view to the outside world - ideal for cats that love to climb and need space. Or cat families of 2-3 cats. Deluxe rooms offer ample space for 1-2 cats with a view into the hotel. Comfort rooms provide a comfortable and cozy space with certification to lounge and climb. Villas are cat cabinets - but at a height of 1.5m still offer enough space for a single cat to stay for quite a while. We recommend them for short term stays. Come for a visit before you book and check what suits your cat!
  • What do I need to pack?
    Your kitty will feel much more comfortable at a cat hotel with familiar items during her stay, please pack the following: - favourite brush - favourite toy - favourite bed, blanket, t-shirt - favourite treats - food to last throughout the stay - sturdy hard carrier for transport (reasonable size, no large transport box)
  • What is your booking process?
    To book, please follow the below steps: 1. Fill out out booking enquiry form indicating your preferences 2. Our team will get back to you within 48 hours to confirm your booking 3. Sign off our booking requirements and our booking contract 4. Make payment via bank transfer or Pay Now
  • Can I board multiple cats together?
    Yes, your cats can stay with their friends. The second cat will be charged at only $15/night. You may also book 2 adjoining rooms to ensure they all have enough space. Discount for the second room of 20% is available (unless the booking falls into our blackout period). *Note: should cat show any signs of aggression during their period, we will may have to separate them into different rooms and change the rates accordingly.
  • What are your cancellation policies?
    Many pet owners plan their holidays in advance and we try to plan availabilities as early as possible. 30 days in advance: Full refund (minus $100 service fee) 7 days in advice: 50% of booking fee will be converted into credits for a future booking (minus $100 service fee) Less than 7 days in advance: 100% of booking fee will be converted into credits for a future booking (minus $100 service fee)
  • How can I book a package with Dr. Paws?
    Upon booking we will provide you with a discount code upon request. So if your cat still requires the pre-boarding check (FIV/FELV test, vaccination (booster), deflea and deworming treatment) you may book this at a discount of 15%.
  • Do you provide food for my cat?
    Cats are creatures of habit and any change may cause stress, which in return may cause your cat to refuse to eat or have an upset tummy. We therefore require you to send your kitty's food (dry, freeze dried, canned) along. Dry food needs to be delivered in a sealed bag or airtight container. If absolutely required we have a small menu with selected dry and wet food on offer (chargeable). Note: We can serve your cat freeze dried food, canned/pouch wet food and dry food. We are currently unable to serve raw or home cooked meals due to hygiene risks.
  • I hear you partner with an Animal Communicator?
    Yes, let your kitty make the calls! We have teamed up with Carisa from Primal Connection who is offering a special package at $75 which includes a 20 minute remote session to connect with your kitty about the upcoming stay and prepare them for what is coming (maybe even pick a room for themselves) and a 10 minute check-in a few day into boarding to see how we are doing! So you don't have to trust our word, but can check with your kitty if they'd prefer more or less interaction and how we can make them more comfortable.
  • Do you provide grooming services?
    We provide basic spa such as brushing, ear cleaning and nail trimming if your cat is happy with us to do so. We use a Fear Free approach for our stays and would only attempt to carry those out if your cat can be handled with minimum constraint or be motivated with treats to comply. If you wish to you have your cat professionally groomed or would like to book add on services (fur trimming, bathing) during their stay, we can arrange for an in-house grooming service at extra charge and with a separate booking and consent form to be filled out.
  • What services do you provide?
    We want to make your cat feel comfortable and at home, so the following is included: - 2-3 daily meals according to their preferred schedule (food to be provided by you or charged based on selection) - Daily play or interaction time, daily brushing (FOC) - Nail trimming / ear cleaning (if your kitty is happy with us) (FOC) - At additional charges may apply : giving oral medication ($5), subcut fluids ($15) etc.
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