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Exclusive Partner Offers

Shangri-Paw believes in partnering small, ethical businesses like ourselves to provide a holistic range of services to our clients. These offers are exclusive to our very special boarding guests.

Primal Connection - Animal Communication

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Prepare and Care Animal Communication Package: 

Cats settle into their temporary home much faster if they are well prepared and know what is happening to them (and why). We offer in exclusive collaboration between ShangriPaw and Primal Connection Animal Communication sessions for your cat to help them enjoy their stay. 


1x 20 minutes remote animal communication session before the stay, preparing your cat for her holiday. We explain to your cat why you need to travel and exactly what is going to happen and for how long, consult with them if there is anything they would like to bring from home to make their stay more comfortable and we can even help them pick the perfect suit for their stay!

1x 10 min Check-in during their stay to ensure the schedule suits their need and we can send your cat your loving message and of course report their answer back. 

Package at 75SGD.

Dr. Paws - House Visits

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Details are in in the works!
Dr. Paws is headed by Dr. Brenda Poh and will be partnering with Shangri-Paw for boarding related offers - such as a pre-boarding package (vaccination, deworming, FIV/FELV test, deflea treatment) and is also offering house calls to the hotel. If your cat is unwell and it's not an immediate emergency, a visit by the vet to the cat hotel can be much less stressful than bringing your cat to the nearest clinic. 
Services available at the hotel could be 
- initial assessment (temperature, general health assessment)
- prescription of basic medications if warranted
- blood taking, stool samples
- acupuncture

MarZel Photography

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Looking for a professional picture of your pet! Kerstin also doubles as in-house professional pet photographer! 

So if you'd like a set of special pictures, and we do our best to get extra cool snaps once your kitty has settled in!

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