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Shangri-Paw Welcomes You

We are here for your purry family so you can travel in peace


About Shangri-Paw

Passionate About Your Cats' Needs

Shangri-Paw is a cat hotel with focus on the comfort of cats and peace of mind for their owners.

At Shangri-Paw, cats will still miss their owners, but our staff will make their holiday as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Instead of small pods used in cat boarding we provide large villas and luxury suites.

Our cat hotel provides spacious environments for your cats, to ensure they can exhibit their natural behaviours - such as jumping and perching up high.

Our staff undergoes trainings internally and externally (for example Fear Free certification) prior to handling cats, to ensure they will handle your feline family member with the best knowledge, understanding and empathy - so you rest at ease during your time away from your furry family.

But don't just listen to us! Book an appointment prior to your kitty's stay in boarding to see for yourself! Check out which suite you'd prefer and meet our friendly staff before committing to a reservation!

Our rooms

Our cat hotel features spacious suites that will give your cat the ultimate comfort, but for shorter stays or if you are on a budget your cat will still enjoy her time in our standard villas!


Opening Hours

Visitation hours and drop off pick up

Pickup: 9:30am - 11am
Drop Off: 3pm - 5pm

Pickup, drop off and visits by appointment only.
Hours outside those times are spent caring for your precious furkids


Wellbeing is key

Our focus lies in your cat's mental and physical health

We are the first ones to recommend having house sitters to care for your cats in your own home... but this is not possible for everyone and comes with its own risks. At Shangri-Paw Cat Hotel, we monitor your cat's health daily and provide care services such as daily brushing, nail trims and ear cleaning (if your cat allows us to). 
For chronically ill cats, our trained staff can provide additional services such as giving oral medications, or even subQ fluids. 

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