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All the suites in our cat hotel allow cats to have private interaction time in their rooms and a safe heaven during your holiday! Even our budget friendly cat boarding villas give your kitty the chance to enjoy vertical space during with us!


Luxury Suite

Let your kitty travel to New York or climb Mt. Everest! Our luxury suites are super  spacious and boast our most exclusive catifications as well as CCTV access to watch your kitty during their stay! They are great for 2-3 cats!

Nightly standard rate: $170


Comfort/Deluxe Rooms (various)

Give your kitty a spacious room to chill and play with high end cat shelves designed by the cat specialists from Little People Woodworks. Daily interaction time happens right in the comfort of their room! Several options available (varying in size / windows). 

Nightly standard rate: $90-125. 


Standard Villa 

For shorter stay or a more economic option we decided to provide 1.5m high villas that still boast enough space for single cats to feel comfortable and most importantly have access to vertical space!

Nightly standard rate: $60-70

What's included?

We include most services so you can relax on your holiday!


  • ​Personalised feeding schedule with up to 3 meal services a day 

  • Free scratchboard & toy

  • Litter pan, min. cleaned twice daily

  • Clean food/water bowls

  • (Almost) Unlimited media updates

  • Glass doors for personal safety & hygiene

  • Daily interaction time (brushing, playing snuggles)

  • Fear Free Mini-Spa time (nail trim, ear cleaning, daily brushing, face cleaning, dry bath)

  • 2nd cat FOC

  • Flexible check-in / out times

  • Commemorative picture

Additional services

  • External grooming services available on request (full bath, fur trim)

  • Medication administration 

  • After vet care for cases that don't require 24/7 monitoring but wound monitoring, for example  after surgery

  • Palliative care boarding with medical care if cat is fit for boarding 


What about food?

Cats are creatures of habit and do best if we change as little elements in their daily life as possible. Change of food can quickly lead to an upset tummy and runny poo or cats may refuse to eat to new food (either because they are in a new environment or dislike the food). Either way, this would be less than ideal. Therefore, we ask owners to provide the food their cat is used to for the duration of the stay. For long stays, you may order the food directly to the hotel.  


Pricing & discounts

Get value for what you pay

Regular rates

Large Luxury Suite (4): $170/night

Deluxe room (7): $125/night

Comfort room (4): $90/night
+ rooms: $10 surcharge

Standard villa (4): $60-70/night  

Second cat: FOC 
Third cat: $15


Medication administration: $5/day


Welcome discount: 10% for first booking!

Long term stay: 30 nights onwards: 30% off

Interconnected rooms: 2nd room 15
% off

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